How to Dress for a Black Tie Event: A Guide for Men

By admin_123 Sep 7, 2023

The term “black tie” refers to a formal attire typically sported at evening events like dinner parties, awards shows, milestone celebrations, or nuptials. This level of formality is a notch less than white tie but is considered more formal than the standard business attire. Being traditionally donned for significant occasions, it is recognized and esteemed as an outfit choice. So when you’re searching for “mens suit near me”, remember that a well-tailored black tie ensemble plays a crucial role in defining your style statement at these events.

What Is the Dress Code for a Black Tie Event?

From your dinner jacket to the shirt and cufflinks, here’s everything you should wear to a black tie event.

The Suit

An essential part of attending a black tie event is the inclusion of a jacket or blazer. The most traditional and arguably the most elegant option for such occasions is the tuxedo, also referred to as the dinner suit. Crafted from affordable mens suits‘ black wool, it carries satin peak lapels and a matching material stripe adorning the trousers’ outseam. 

For those looking to incorporate a more contemporary style into their attire, an equally acceptable alternative is a velvet jacket paired with black trousers. In our opinion, this ensemble shines brightest when presented in midnight blue – a color that appears even darker than black under artificial light.

The Shirt

Opt for a mens tuxedo shirt in a solid hue to uphold the formality and sidestep an overly corporate or executive appearance. Tuxedo shirts, primarily donned for black-tie events, are often referred to as dress shirts. These should be in pristine white, featuring a Marcella bib front, turndown collar and double cuffs – not buttons. Although an ordinary white shirt isn’t entirely forbidden, it could certainly decrease the formality quotient a level.

The Shoe

You have to spend some time selecting an appropriate shoe for a black tie event. In addition to being comfortable, the shoes at night must be a dark shade of black or very dark brown shoes.patent leather shoes are the most sensible choice, With or without laces does not matter too much, as it is a detail that doesn’t have too much of an impact on the overall look.

The Bow Tie

Your bow tie should be black (never white), made from silk and hand-tied. Other colours – such as burgundy – can work, but only if the event allows it, ensure that it’s proportionate in size to your shirt collar and face shape. The classic black tie is the most traditional accessory to wear, especially in black. You can always choose subtle prints too as long as the suit jacket and the shirt do not have any patterns. Moreover, you can go for classic tie fabrics and trial different widths that suit your body style and suit.

The Cummerbund

The cummerbund may not be essential, but it does help to create a sleeker look – eliminating the piece of shirt that pokes out below the button of your single-breasted suit jacket. Not only that, it also shows you respect the traditional dress code.

What Black Tie Accessories Do You Need?

In regards to other accessories, the key is to keep it simple. We suggest opting for a dress watch (with a gold or black leather strap), some classic cufflinks and a neatly folded white pocket square.


To be sure of what type of ensemble you should wear to the black tie event, it is imperative to know what kind of celebration will occur. The dress code for a black tie event is fairly straightforward. Men should wear a tuxedo or dark, tailored suit with a crisp white shirt and formal dress shoes. 

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